The Walktall Pilates  Overballs are fantastic, lightweight balls designed to target and strengthen those muscle groups that can be hard to reach. Excellent for Pilates,  great resistance tool for inner thighs, pelvic floor, upper body, neck, etc. to help you strengthen and release.  Enables you to locate and feel your core working. Easy to inflate/deflate. Perfect for  a workout while travelling. Can be used semi inflated for some exercises. Available in Green. Measures approximately 18cm (7"). 
£7 Per ball +p&p


Spiky Balls

The Walktall Pilates Spiky balls are a godsend to relieve aching tight muscles and improve circulation anywhere in the body. Roll your feet over them to improve balance , mobility, or just for sheer pleasure.  They can also be squeezed to improve grip. Your personal massage therapist at home, anywhere!  9/10cm
Only £7 per ball + p&p

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