After a very peaceful night, far away from light or noise pollution, we drifted in for breakfast, enticed by the smell of freshly baked bread and coffee. Yoghurts and fresh fruits were on offer, and a cooked breakfast -if we could manage it! Morning Pilates started at 9.30. The sun poured in through the the barn's floor to ceiling windows, the huge door wide open, letting in the glorious September day.

New things were learnt, and people were gently challenged, discovering that they could do exercises that they had previously struggled with. Everyone left feeling inspired, and that they had done a good thing for their body/mind!

Post class, people went off to explore the area, relax in the garden, or in their rooms.

As lunchtime approached, some of us strolled through the fields and lanes to Crackington Haven cove, while others arrived by car. We made our selves comfortable on the secluded beach, and bang on time, Gary, our very talented, self taught chef arrived with our picnic -if you can call it that -banquet more like! Like excited children, we unpacked salad after salad, home made cakes and other goodies, feeling thoroughly spoilt. This was definately the life. The beach was peaceful, with only a few others dotted around enjoying the calm sea,  the low key shop and a couple of laid back cafes. A siesta helped lunch go down nicely, while some of the group went off to nearby Boscastle and Tintagel. At 5.30 everyone assembled for our third Pilates class of the weekend, eager to start again. More progress was made and new Pilates "toys" played with, birds gently twittering their approval in the background.

7pm brought further gastronomic delights, eaten in front of a crackling fire.

Some of the group went next door to the sitting room and gathered around yet another roaring log fire  to watch "Strictly Come Dancing"! Strictly optional!

And so to bed.