Another peaceful night."Bonding" was going very well -discussions and laughter peppered the final class of the weekend. The session was also punctuated by the farm cat catching a mouse outside. The cat was spotted trotting along with a steely, determined eye, full of feline pride, the poor mouse clamped firmly in its jaws -but -despite all that, the mouse got away, disappearing into the bushes.

Still blessed with sunshine, our Sunday lunch was served outside - all very civilized with tables and chairs, no balancing plates precariously on laps for us. Our chef excelled himself and sent us off with a bang, with his absolutely heavenly, melt in your mouth, slow roast lamb, with crisp roast potatoes and homegrown greens. (The vegetarians among you would also be in for a treat.) Home made apple pie followed and he persuaded (!) us to try some home made icecream made with hedgerow blackberries and cherries from an old variety grown in their orchard.

As the  afternoon drew to a close,  a keen knitter in our group discovered that she was able to buy some home produced natural wool, courtesy of our hosts sheep, so she went off very happy. Others went away with jars of the tasty jam and chutney also made on the farm. Contented, well nourished- in all respects - and inspired by the breakthroughs made in their Pilates practice, our group said their goodbyes, rather regretfully, and decided to look forward to the next weekend.