About Pilates and its benefits

Intelligent exercise, profound results
Take some time out for you and learn, or improve, your Pilates technique with Bristol based Pilates mat classes Walktallpilates. It is a safe, effective form of exercise, suitable for all levels of fitness, and for both men and women of all ages. Anyone can do it. Pilates can help you to live and move with more  ease and mindfulness.

Pilates consists of slow, flowing, precise movements which challenge the muscles, in particular, the deep postural muscles, especially the pelvic floor and the deep abdominals - known as your 'core stability' or 'girdle of strength'. It builds up your natural girdle, which supports your back, and is therefore often recommended by physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and doctors.

The method balances your body - releasing tight muscles and strengthening weak ones. It is safe, progressive and tailored to your abilities and needs. You don't need special clothing or footwear, just something comfortable, and bare feet or socks
Pilates Near You :
Pilates Bristol,  Clifton BS8, St Andrews/Bishopston BS7,  Barton Hill BS5 you are sure to be able to find a Bristol Pilates class to suit.
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New! -Workshop - Pilates followed by How to Reset Your Gut Bacteria For Better Health:
Saturday October 5th 10-12.30. Advanced booking only

Some healthy food!

Some healthy food!


Health benefits.
• Flexible, strong back - great for problems in that area
• Good posture
• Strong abdominals and pelvic floor
• Relaxation, better sleep patterns and breath capacity
• Relief from aches and pains
• Realigned muscles and joints
• All over toning
• You may even make new Bristol friends! Come along and see and feel for yourself.

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